Solutions using Advise

Do you need to make business decisions based on a variety of different data sources?

Solutions built with Advise bring data together and leverage AI to enable you to make better decisions, faster, and with more confidence. Below is a list of example solutions built with the Advise platform.

Consumer Packaged Goods

A tailored out-of-the-box configuration of Advise for the CPG/FMCG space. Provides category managers, field sales teams, and managers with the key dashboards, forecasts, and anomalies needed to understand products in the market. Automation of the currently manual processes of integrating category data from each retailer frees up teams to focus on driving sales, distribution, and ultimately profit from the products in their categories.


Working with a major European airline, RecommenderX have built a B2C recommendation tool, powered by Advise, that assists customers in the checkout flow when booking a flight. This decision support system enables airlines to increase their ancillary revenue by presenting the right products to the right customer at the right time.


Working with a partner in the pharmaceutical domain, RecommenderX has developed a search and discovery tool, powered by Advise, that enables chemists, compliance officers and other key decision-makers to quickly find and consume the relevant regulatory information that they need to make decisions, reducing the time and cost to stay compliant.

Knowledge Discovery

RecommenderX have deployed a number of knowledge base solutions with our customers over complex and large document repositories. Powered by Advise, these knowledge bases enable search and discovery to support teams in finding the documents that they need to make business decisions. Our knowledge bases are empowered by AI, including automated topic identification and author disambiguation using machine learning.