Automated Revenue Optimization for Consumer Goods

  • Increase Revenues - Intelligent sales insights

  • Increase Margins - Pricing and promotion optimization

  • Reduce Costs - Automation and democratized access

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Advise is a tailored out-of-the-box data analytics solution for the Consumer Goods and Retail market. Advise is modernising how companies can automise revenue optimisation, by offering:

  • Macro Strategic

    For Executives and MDs who need a high-level understanding of the developing market trends. Intuitive, tailored, dynamic, dashboards that are available 24/7.

  • Micro Strategic

    For the Sales and Category Managers, who need to know exactly what is happening at the individual product level, be able to forecast into the future and understand anomalies. With added pricing and promotion analysis and strategy recommendation. All automated - no coding!

  • Tactical Intelligence

    For the Field Sales Team, who are on the road, and need individual store-level intelligence, so they have clear information as they talk to buyers and store managers. Advise on mobile has got it covered.

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Why you need Advise?

Increased Sales

Better insights into how products are performing all the way down to an individual SKU at a specific store.

Increased Margins

Promotion and revenue optimisation via automatic analysis and strategy recommendation.

Reduced Costs

No more manual mundane data manipulation. Save that wasted time to drive efficiencies and business actions.

Automation for everyone

Dashboards and optimisations are automated and dynamic. Everyone can easily access and interact with the insights.

Tailored to Any Fit

Customised and configured for your specific inputs and output needs - we are your data science team. Advise is your tailored solution.

Cloud & Mobile Available

Robust, scalable, secure. Served from the cloud and available on mobile devices.

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