Better decisions, faster.

Advise is our predictive analytics solution, offering:

  • Single Compound View of Market, Internal and External data

  • Streamlined and Democratized Insights

  • Improved Efficiencies and Effectiveness

  • Advanced Remote Working

The future of Consumer Packaged Goods intelligence is here.

Advise is a tailored out-of-the-box data analysis solution for the Consumer Goods and Retail market. Advise is modernising how companies deal with their data reporting, by offering:

  • Efficiency

    Automate the manual data wrangling from multiple sources and tedious report building.

  • Democratization

    From Category Managers to Field Sales Team, Advise delivers the correct analysis and results to the right users, when they need it most.

  • Effectiveness

    With predictive analytics, Advise makes sense of your data and shows you the future. You simply make better decisions for your business.

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Why Advise is right for you

Automation is Here

Leave the boring, repetitive, tedious and error-prone manual data efforts to the machine.

Predictive Analytics

See into the future with confidence.

Democratise the Access

Easy to use and available for all, all of the time.

Data Science Made Easy

The benefits of data science capability without the data science overhead.

Tailored to Any Fit

Customized and configured for your specific input and output needs.

Cloud Advantage

Delivered via cloud services to utilise the best in robustness, scalability and security.

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