Advise is our unified data analytics platform.

Advise is designed for presenting data - both numerical and textual. It comes with powerful filtering, search and discovery capabilities, as well as presenting in-context predictions, and recommendations.

Advise automatically ingests data into a unified model. It then aggregates, analyses and visualizes the multiple data signals, and offers advanced predictive analytics through the application of cutting-edge techniques from Machine Learning and Recommender Systems.

Advise is completely configurable to different domains and use cases. We have already deployed Advise in a wide variety of different contexts including Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Pharma, and the Travel domain.

The Advise platform boasts a micro-service architecture that runs from the cloud using the latest in container technologies. Advise is built from the latest technologies using the latest standards in security.

Bottom line, if you have data in disparate silos that you need analyzed in order to make decisions in your business - then Advise is the solution.

Data Visualisation

First, Advise ingests and aggregates your multi-source data. Your unified data is then visualised through dashboards and reports with the help of a full charting and visualisation library. Data can be interrogated in any way and different user groups can see different output as needed.

Predictive Analytics

Advise has full model scoring and model lifecycle management capabilities. In production, Advise utilises historical data signals (internal and external) to predict future outcomes. Not only helping you understand performance now but explaining how to improve performance for tomorrow.

Data Science Team

The team at RecommenderX have decades of experience as data scientists. Once we understand your data and solution needs, we fully configure and deploy a tailor-made version of Advise for you. We can be your Data Science team, and through Advise we are here to support you.

More Reasons To Choose Advise

Efficiency through Automation

Stop wasting time with manual data cleansing and integration. Advise automates this process, freeing your team up to focus on what they do best - driving change.

One View of your Data

Advise brings your data together, opening up new opportunities for cross-pollination, identifying anomalies and finding patterns.

Democratized Access

Enable access to data beyond the usual gatekeepers. Make it easy for everyone to find what they are looking for through an intuitive user experience.

Predictive Analytics

Put the machine to work on your behalf. Empower your teams with Advise’s insights and recommendations so they can make truly data-driven decisions.

Proactive Alerts

Advise is working even when you and your teams are not. Receive automated alerts when data changes, anomalies are detected or new actions become possible.

Secure in the Cloud

Whether your business uses public or private cloud infrastructure, Advise is highly scalable, highly available and totally secure.

Engagement process

Contact RecommenderX for a demo today or try it right now over on our playground. We have experience working with a wide variety of data types from a wide variety of sources. We can deploy a fully tailored version of Advise for you in a matter of days.

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