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Data Engineering, Data Science, Predictive Analytics and Recommender Systems
We are your data science team
The team at RecommenderX are experts in intelligent and dynamic application development, integration and support. We have years of experience in utilising machine learning and data science technologies to automate processes and get the best and most out of your data. Once we understand your data and solution needs, we work with you to produce a solution fully tailored to suit your company’s needs. Below are some of our key capabilities.

Predictive analytics

Using the latest AI techniques, our predictive analytics models have full model scoring and model lifecycle management capabilities. In production, Advise utilises historical data signals (internal and external) to predict future outcomes. Not only helping you understand performance now but explaining how to improve performance for tomorrow.

Predictive Analytics
Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems

With academic pedigree in the area of recommender systems, RecommenderX have designed and deployed a number of enterprise recommender systems across a range of industries. The recommendation output is used for auxiliary product sales, fund opportunity recommendation, optimal price recommendation, etc.

Knowledge Discovery

RecommenderX have deployed a number of knowledge base solutions with our customers over complex and large document repositories. Powered by our Advise platform, these knowledge bases enable search and discovery to support teams in finding the documents that they need to make business decisions.

Knowledge discovery

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