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Our Products
We have developed a number of applications that demonstrate our cababilites.
Consumer Packaged Goods
Advise for CPG is a tailored out-of-the-box configuration of Advise for the CPG/FMCG space. Provides powerful data visualization and predictive analytics capabilities over the various point of sale, promotion, and distribution data. Specifically configured and customized to clients needs, enabling them to make the most of their data, democratizing access to all departments, and automating revenue optimization.
Airline Recommender System
Working with a major European airline, RecommenderX have built a proof-of-concept B2C recommendation tool, powered by Advise, that assists customers in the checkout flow when booking a flight. This decision support system enables airlines to increase their ancillary revenue by presenting the right products to the right customer at the right time.
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Search / Discovery
Working with a partner in the pharmaceutical domain, RecommenderX has developed a search and discovery tool, powered by Advise, that enables scientists, researchers and others to quickly find and consume relevant papers and experts. This project showcases RecommenderX’s ability to create a utility that can process documentation and user databases into useful and traversable items.
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