Revenue Optimization for CPG / FMCG

With margins growing ever tighter, consumer goods companies need now more than ever, to be driven by the insights hidden within their data. With the Advise solution, optimizing efficiencies, effectiveness, and revenues may not be as expensive or as far away as you think.

For consumer goods companies, understanding the performance of their products and ranges across hundreds of stores in different retailer groups is a complex challenge. Data is available, but the signals needed are spread across a variety of disparate sources, and large amounts of manual effort are required on an ongoing basis to extract insight and turn it into action.

Surveys indicate that 80% time is spent manually preparing data, with only 20% left for taking appropriate actions.

Benefits of Advise

Advise is an out-of-the-box solution, which automatically aggregates consumer goods data from multiple sources to create one "view of the truth". Advise provides powerful data visualization and predictive analytics capabilities over point of sale, promotion, and distribution data. The team at RecommenderX configure and deploy Advise, specifically customized to each clients’ needs, enabling them to make the most of their data, democratizing access to all departments, and automating revenue optimization.

Increased Sales

Arm the Field Sales team with the information they need to improve their sales numbers. Automatically updated and available on mobile, the Advise sales intelligence module explains the sales objectives on a store-by-store basis.

Increased Margins

Understand promotion and pricing performance through historical analysis of product, range and competitor signals. Advise provides optimizing recommendations on future promotions and pricing strategies.

Reduced Costs

Efficiency savings are provided through the automation of multi-source data aggregation, analytics and visualisations. Advise democratizes a single clear view of the truth, through an intuitive interface.

Advise for CPG redresses the balance allowing teams to spend 80% of their time on what they do best, delivering value, positive change and generating revenue.

Advise uses predictive analytics

Advise offers AI-powered predictive analytics and decision support tools to improve category management efficiency and revenue optimization:

Promotion Analytics

Remove the guesswork from product promotion. Through historical performance analysis, Advise recommends promotional strategies across product, range, store distribution and pricing.

Pricing Analytics

Advise automatically analyses historical pricing variations to build out models of pricing elasticity and uses them to power future pricing strategy recommendations.

Performance forecasting

Advise accurately predicts future product performance by utilizing the underpinning data signals, including sales, seasonal variability and event contexts.

Signal Anomalies with Explanations

Anomalies are automatically identified and highlighted. Anomalies are explained through their constituent contributing and dampening factors.

Automated Product Coding & Grouping

Advise suggests coding and updates for mislabeled product information from different sources and suggests groups for SKUs of the same product.

All dashboards have a slice and dice capability, enabling the data to be broken down by any product metadata that is available (e.g. brand, manufacturer, segment, unit size, pack size, etc.)

Other things you need to know about Advise

Custom configuration

Advise is configured and customized to order. Reports and dashboards automatically update when data becomes available.

Works remotely

Whether on desktop remote working, in the office or out on the road with a mobile device - Advise is always available.

Easy to use

Advise is super easy to use with an intuitive interface and levels of access to suit all needs across your organization.

Easy to learn

We provide support workshops, walk-thrus, and training (currently via webinars and videos). We are always available to support your needs.

Simple license

Offered as an all-in-one solution with various package configurations available, Advise is supported on a simple monthly license basis.

Up and running quickly

Once your available data and configuration desires are understood, Advise can be configured and deployed within hours.

Contact a member of the sales team today to get a live demo of Advise in action and discuss our offer for a POC, fully configured and deployed (T&Cs apply).

Advise predictive analytics tools showcase insights and recommendations and their explanations. Advise analyses historic promotion data to recommend future promotion and pricing strategies to increase margins.

Contact RecommenderX for a demo today or try it right now over on our playground ( We have experience working with data from a wide variety of sources for category data including Nielsen, Kantar, Dunnhumby, Symphony EYC, Talysis, BrandView and many many more. We can typically onboard your CPG data onto Advise in a matter of days.

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