Configurable Recommender System for airlines.
Configurable Recommender Systems
Working with a major European airline, at RecommenderX we built a B2C recommendation tool, powered by Advise, that assists customers in the checkout flow when booking a flight. This decision support system enables airlines to increase their ancillary revenue by presenting the right products to the right customer at the right time.

Select your flight details

There are a number of familar flight options to select: Departure/Destination, dates and number of passengers.


Select a user profile

These profiles emulate a customer history to demonstrate how the recommendations vary depending on a customers flight history.

Recommendation results

View how the built-in recommendation engine has processed this users data.


Customer value summary

A summary of the value metrics of this customer can be seen to the right.


The analysis of this customer’s profile can be visualised in various ways.


Business rules

We can customise the recommendations by adjusting the Business Rules, demonstrating that a company can give priority to different items according their own business rules.

Customer View

This customer view shows us the configuration of additional items based on the customer history and recommendation engine output. the items shown here are dynamic and will adjust accordingly to each customer.

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