Search and Discovery for Experts and Documents
Search and Discovery for research
Working with a commercial partner, RecommenderX developed a powerful search and discovery tool, powered by Advise, that enables scientists, researchers and others to quickly find experts, and also search over a publication database to find relevant documents. This application showcases advanced information retrieval, language processing, Artificial Intelligence and data mining techniques.


Simple search allows for a view over the whole database using simple keywords.


Expert Search

Results are generated using advanced ranking techniques. Advanced and configurable filtering options are available and regular searches can be saved.

Advanced Search

More search features allow for an even deeper view over the results.


Expert Dashboard

When an expert is selected, we can view a dashboard that displays key information, including a view of their collaborations, a tag cloud and also a list of their recent publications.

Publication Search

When searching for publications you can view a number of key details regarding the document that have been extracted. The powerful document ingestion function is able to handle many types of document: regulatory documents, official publications, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word etc.

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