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We are experts in intelligent and dynamic application development, integration and support. We have years of experience in utilising machine learning and data science technologies to automate processes and get the best out of data.

We have been building enterprise software applications with partners for a long time. Below are some of the solutions we have built for our clients.

Mastercard Panels

Mastercard Panels, a self-service analytics platform surfaces information around a range of topics, enabling banks to understand consumers' attitudes and choices about payments and banking products, to understand how to win over competitors’ cardholders, identify drivers of primary card choice, and identify a detailed profile of high-spend high-revolving cardholders.

Mastercard Benchmarking Insights

Mastercard Benchmarking Insights, developed by RecommenderX, enables Mastercard to survey banks in a particular market and produce anonymized and aggregated benchmarked KPIs that address top-of-mind business issues across the payments and banking industry, leading to operational efficiencies and enhanced services to customers.

Mastercard Ideaportal

Offered as part of Mastercards innovation express program, Ideaportal developed by RecommenderX, is a crowd-sourcing platform for capturing new ideas and concepts based on a focused challenge. It has been deployed in a wide range of international financial institutions as an online brainstorming tool to illicit fresh perspectives from employees across the organization.


kmend, developed by RecommenderX, brings together powerful respected business communities so they can share the mutual benefit of their collective networks. Whether businesses are selling or buying, kmend’s powerful platform automatically matches their business opportunities with the most suitable partners, allowing businesses to find and develop new business partnerships.

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