New Structure for RecommenderX

Over the last 3 years, we have grown RecommenderX from a couple of guys in an university incubation centre to a burgeoning scale-up, with nearly 30 people supplying enterprise solutions to the likes of Mastercard and Unilever.

The experience gained working with SMBs and multinationals, designing and building new applications in the data analytics space, has been invaluable and has helped us to learn and understand so much about the challenges that are being faced. We passionately believe that predictive data analytics can help companies to be more successful by being more data driven, and can massively alter how these companies understand their business, and make them more efficient and effective through better data-driven decisions.

ADVISE is our unified data analytics platform that can understand, aggregate, visualise and predict future trends in your data. ADVISE can used by anyone with no coding needed, digitally transforming your business overnight. ADVISE is our future and we are very excited to showcase our platform’s capabilities to the world.

The refocus of RecommenderX on our ADVISE platform has brought about some changes in our company structure. Dr. Kevin McCarthy, serial entrepreneur and one of the original founders of the company has stepped into the role of CEO and Dr. Mick Kerrigan moves from CSO into the role of CTO. We have streamlined our structure and our team and are now ready, poised and excited to bring ADVISE to the market and we are looking forward to a successful future.

Dr. Kevin McCarthy on LinkedIn

Dr. Mick Kerrigan on LinkedIn