Supporting CPG Field Sales Teams

To date Advise for CPG has focused on point-of-sale (EPOS) data that is aggregated to the retailer level. In recent months, working with our customers we have been able to start looking at EPOS data at the store and SKU level. This data has traditionally been an untapped resource due to its size and complexity.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Store Performance dashboards on the Advise for CPG platform, which provides clear insight for many roles across the business into the performance of particular stores.

There is a particular emphasis in these dashboards on the field-sales representatives who engage with the managers or buyers in these individual stores. Fundamentally, Advise can now be used to answer the key questions:

  • Which stores do I need to engage with urgently?
  • Which ranges and products do I need to focus on in that store?
  • How do I shape the conversation with the manager to win them over?

In addition to visualizing the EPOS data at the store level, Advise is also creating new data through the application of AI and machine learning. Each store is automatically classified based on its overall performance within the category so that you can see at a glance the importance of this store to your business. Furthermore, Advise automatically compares stores within their classes in order to identify Lost Sales on a per SKU and per range basis, due to lack of product availability in store. This arms field sales representatives with the key conversation starters that can win over the store manager and buyer and ensure that their SKUs are available to customers on an ongoing basis.