Website Redesign

Here at RecommenderX we have some exciting updates to announce about our website,

We have been working hard on development of the Advise platform, our new cutting-edge Enterprise Decision Support System that will revolutionise how organisations can access their data and make use of AI technologies to become data-driven. In line with the progress we have made, we felt that RecommenderX needed a revitalised and refreshed company website that better expressed what we do and how we can solve the most important problems of our clients.

Along with our new website design that better reflects the spirit of our company, we have added a number of new sections to help anyone visiting us to better understand what problems we solve and how we solve them:

  • An overview of our Advise platform, its capabilities, and value proposition is available in the Product section
  • We have a number of real-life examples of how we have solved our clients problems with Decision Support Systems on the Advise platform, in our new Use Cases section, along with real-world examples of other platforms that we have built as services work to help clients such as Mastercard and NSI Technology.
  • It is now possible to keep up-to-date with all things RecommenderX in our News section, where we have included a number of recent articles. You can also search over all articles and filter them by category.
  • An overview of our history and our team members can be found in the About Us section
  • Finally, if you want to get in touch with us you can through the new Contact Us section